Harbor View Presbyterian Church is a community of faith seeking to transform the world by honoring God, growing together as followers of Jesus Christ, and caring for others in our daily lives. 

So what might you find here at HVPC?  You'll find a diverse community of  people seeking to be followers of Christ in all we do.  We seek to discern through service, study, fellowship, worship, and sharing together what being a follower of Christ looks like for us as individuals and as a community in today's world. 

Harbor View is a diverse and complex group of people who truly love one another and struggle together through all parts of life.  Our love is not limited to those who come through our doors, but rather our love goes out as we join in God's work throughout our larger community and the world as a whole through service and sharing.   We believe that God created us all as individuals but made us so that we work best together.

We are glad you have found us here at Harbor View and hope you will  join us as we seek to learn more about this life, more about one another, and more about the God who is our Creator, Redeemer, and Guide.
Welcome to Harbor View
Sunday Schedule

  9am Worship
10am Faith&Fellowship
11am Worship

See the Calendar for other events, as there is always something going on at Harbor View!
900 Harbor View Rd, Charleston, SC 29412
Things Harbor View Likes:
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